Saturday, January 21, 2017

Laguna Beach Portraits :: Fiedler Family

     This day started out dreary and full of rain showers.  By the time our session started, the clouds at Laguna Beach were beginning to part, and the rain slowed to a light drizzle.  It turned out to be incredible light for a portrait session, and I couldn't have been more pleased!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Portrait :: Relaxed Sunday

     Sessions like this are some of my favorite.  It was just a relaxed Sunday morning, and I followed a sweet family around documenting their typical Sunday.  I love a great photo shoot with posed shots just as much as the next photographer, but there is something special about life's daily routines that give us a sense of home.   Here are some of my faves!

     These churros are from a place called Amara Cafe in Old Town Pasadena.  You're welcome. 😊

     Talk about unexpected.  These guys photobombed us during one of the shots.  I had no idea who this was.  Luckily, I took a photo of them anyway!