Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sharm and Megz Get Married!

Whenever there is discussion about wedding photography, there is no doubt that the subject of "Uncle Bob" will always surface or somehow trickle its way into the conversation. Having shot weddings, fortunately I can honestly say I've never had an Uncle Bob situation that prevented me from getting a shot. For those of you who aren't familiar, the term "Uncle Bob" refers to wedding guests with entry or pro level DSLRs who like to take pictures while at the wedding, often times getting in the way of the paid photographer(s). When Sharm and Megz got married, we KNEW that whoever shot the wedding had to be someone with not only mad photography skills, but also someone who could withstand 15-20 other DSLRs pointed in the same direction as their camera. I can only imagine this would be a nightmare for any photographer. Megz asked us (his loyal photography friends) to all bring our cameras to his wedding and shoot. Major props go out to the official photographer of their wedding, Wai Reyes for being so cool about having 20 other cameras around. Hopefully, we did not get in the way! *crosses fingers*

Here are some of my Uncle Bob shots from their wedding. Congrats to Sharm and Megz! This was seriously one of the most fun weddings I have ever attended as a guest, and being able to enjoy with fellow photography friends made it all the more awesome!

Sharm made a radiant bride...



It was really cool to see a photo that I took be incorporated into the wedding somehow. :o)




the first dance...



garter toss excitement...


I love this gives a clear picture of the sheer madness of cameras! :o)


My favorite part of the night. When all the guests and vendors had already left, and we were the only ones left on the dance floor (or in the whole room for that matter).


Sharm and Megz were made for eachother. Congrats again to the happy couple! :o)

Holiday Portraits

Is it 2011 already? Luckily one of my resolutions wasn't to be timely with blogging, otherwise this would be a complete total FAIL! ;o) I'll kick off 2011 with a send off from 2010. Here are some holiday portraits to share. I was luck enough to get great light at each session.







and here are a few from another session...