Wednesday, March 17, 2010

City by the Bay - San Francisco!

After so many visits to the fantastic city of San Francisco, I finally was able to visit Alcatraz Island, a long time to-do on my list of to-do's. Luckily, I was also able to shoot the cityscape at night and see the city from higher vantage point. I'd never been up to Coit Tower before. Amaaaaaazing is the only way I can describe the view. It's definitely up there in my list of breathtaking views I've ever seen. Well, okay, let's also ignore the fact that I haven't been to too many places either ;o)

If you ever get to take the tour of Alcatraz, make sure you do the audio tour. After doing the audio tour, I can totally see why it is an award-winning audio tour! It really gave the listener an insider perspective of what life was like on Alcatraz during its years as a penitentiary.

Our tour started off with a boat ride to the island. This bird was so cute, flying right along with our boat. At this moment I was so glad I had a 135mm lens with me!

This is the view of San Francisco from the island. WOW. I could sit there all day and admire this view!

I took the advice of some online reviews and sat at the back of the boat on the way back to the mainland. I was glad I did! :o) Yet another reason to be glad I had my 135mm!

It was kind of chilly outside at night...but OH MAN, look at this view!!! :o)

From Lombard Street...

San Francisco at night...

I'll be returning to San Francisco in May to second shoot a wedding. I can't wait to take in more of this city with my camera! :o)