Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kogi FTW! :o)

If you've never heard of the Kogi BBQ MUST try it NOW! A couple of months ago, my friend Jon introduced me to Kogi. They are a lunch truck that travels to different locations, and sells korean infused tacos, burritos, and other specials that are created by the chefs, otherwise known as the chef's specials. This past Tuesday, I decided it was time for a much needed Kogi run, and some R & R at one of my favorite locations, Barnes & Noble! Nothing says "good time" like the sound of elevator music, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, and endless magazines to peruse for free! Muahahaha...ok, sometimes I do feel a little guilty...I mean, it's a bookstore, NOT a library people!!! :oP Anyway, I opted for my R & R first...

and then it was time for Kogi. After only a 2-3 hour wait (YES, I said 2-3 hours!) I was in tastebud heaven devouring my choices for the day. I had a $20 bill, and let's just say...I didn't have enough money! Kogi is kinda pricey for truck eats but it is so tasty, you will feel it's worth it :o) Also thanks to Dave for spotting me the extra $2!!

The infamous Kogi truck:

My Kogi loot! mmmmm... tacos, quesadilla, burrito, and dessert (No, I did not eat it all in one sitting! :oP)

and our lovely models, Dave and Jon :o)

If you want to try Kogi, run, don't walk, NOW!!!! To check out their latest location, go to You will thank me later! ;o)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My new MOO cards!

The other day, I was pleasantly surprised by a delivery of my new MOO cards! I have been an avid fan of for a long time now, and I just LOVE my new MOO cards!

Here they are in all their glory! Isn't the packing too cute?!

...and here is what they actually look like! :o)

Welcome! :o)

Welcome to my blog! I hope to be writing in this more often than I did with my old blog (*crosses fingers*). To kick off my new blog, here's a picture I snapped the other day!